** आम्हाला सर्व सेन्टर चालकास कळवण्यास अत्यंत आंनद होत आहे क‍ि आपले नवीन सॉफ्टवेअर 'C-Code Master' हे आता सर्व सेन्टरसाठी उपलब्ध झालेले आहे. ** सदरील पोर्टल हे फक्त कॉम्पूटर सेंन्टर चालकांसाठी आहेत. ** We are extremely delighted to inform all the center operators that our new software 'C-Code Master' is now available for all centers. ** The current portal is exclusively for computer center operators only.

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Accouting Prime Trainer - Best Training Software for Tally Prime
All Topics Covered, Assignments, Audio-Video Lectures, Objective Questions, Exam Mode, Multi-Language Support

Our Products

ClassChakra -
Institute/School Management Web Portal
₹ 5000.00/-
C-Code Master -
C Programming Software
₹ 250.00/-
Accounting Prime Trainer - Tally Prime Demo
₹ 300.00/-
Digital Typing Speed Trainer - GCCTBC Demo
₹ 220.00/-
Digital Office Trainer - MS Office and MSCIT Demo Software
₹ 170.00/-
Digital Institute Management System
₹ 1200.00/-
Empower-India Skill Hub
Online Examination and Certificate Portal
Super CCC Trainer
₹ 180.00/-
Let Us Type
₹ 105.00/-

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